Tie-dye sample
Daisy Delight bundle meets tye-die!!

No really, thank YOU!


I'm SO happy Stampin' Up! brought glossy cardstock back!!


And I'm IN LOVE with everything about this card:


Daisy Delight bundle, Thankful Thoughts, www.dazzledbystamping.com


The bright colors...

the beloved Daisy...

the shimmery ribbon...

the big, bold thank you so much!!!!




My customers at my Techniques Class did, too!


So this technique I believe is called the baby wipe SWIPE.

It's my favorite.



You need a baby wipe, glossy cardstock, ink refills and a sturdy/rigid piece of plastic or non-porous material.


I used an embossing folder, and I've used a credit/gift card for a smaller piece in the past.



Baby Wipe Swipe Technique:

  1. Drape baby wipe over the [folded] edge of embossing folder.
  2. Start on one end of the baby wipe and squeeze ink drops onto the baby wipe edge, making sure the drops are touching each other--over about 1/3 of the edge.
  3. Switch to a different color and repeat step 2.
  4. Switch to a 3rd color and repeat step 2, finishing the rest of the baby wipe edge.
  5. With scrap paper on your work surface and glossy cardstock on top, hold the baby wipe tight onto the embossing folder and swipe the color onto the glossy cs. [start just off the cs and end off of it to avoid leaving lines] Continue swiping in the same spot, same direction until it's covered as desired.
  6. If your baby wipe edge isn't as long as your glossy cardstock, turn your cs 180 degrees and repeat step 5 to cover. (That's how on my sample colors go Tangerine Tango, Daffodil Delight, Berry Burst, Daffodil Delight, Tangerine Tango.)
  7. Let dry for a bit, and stamp greeting or design in Basic Black.
  8. Let dry before finishing your card.



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