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Our Weekend with Rachel M


Happy Friday!!!


A week ago, my team member Nadine Stolt and I were on our way to see another demonstrator friend Rachel Markin in Ohio. (Do you remember "cardboard Rachel" from my pics from OnStage Indianapolis?)


We had an amazing time visiting and crafting with Rachel!!!

She was actually "up to" crafting and going out for dinner, etc!

We were all so thankful!

She's been sick for quite awhile and isn't always up to much.

She goes through A LOT but always has an amazing attitude and is WONDERFUL testimony for the Lord.


We started with dinner when we arrived at Rachel's house; she was so happy to get out!!


So we all planned a card with new product for each of us to make; I brought a new "colors" game for us to play; and I surprised them with an extra project, too.


When we went back to her house, her hubby Shawn was home, so we chatted AND played this fun colors game Hues & Cues. Todd saw it online early this year and showed it to me. I bought it immediately!


There's a big board (2 ft x 3 ft??) that looks like the front of the box. You have to give 1 word or 2 word clues (cues) to help people guess which exact square you're describing. (You need at least 3 people.) You can't use the words red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown or white--OR lighter or darker. AND you can't use the same cue word twice in a game! It's much harder than you'd think!! 


It was fun!

And guess what. SHAWN WON against all of us color-loving demonstrators!!

He bragged about it to Rachel all weekend. ;)



I'm bringing it to our Weekend Dazzling Demos Retreat next month, too! (You can join our retreat, too, if you're on my team!!! Join here. Then I'll send you an invitation!)



After our game Friday night, we made my card. BUT--I'm saving that one, because I'm using it for my swap that has to get in the mail before I leave for Maine.


I can't wait for you to see it!!

But I'm gonna (wait). ;)


We left Rachel's house Friday night and came back Saturday after a relaxing morning and checking out of our hotel.



Here's the first project Rachel planned for us--using By My Side.


The set was in the last annual catalog, but I own it and hadn't used it yet!!

She let us choose our own DSP--AND make 2 cards!:


By My Side, design by Rachel Markin, www.dazzledbystamping.com


By My Side, design by Rachel Markin, www.dazzledbystamping.com


Products used:



I finished up this last one at home, cuz I splatted my greeting and needed to cover it up. :D


Tip: I used a longer stitched die and cut it off at the edge of the cardstock....But you can still see the stitching!! I was gonna try to describe it, but I think I'm gonna have to show it on my Live!



I'm saving one of Rachel's designs that she CASE'd from Patty Bennett. I may do it as a stamp-along (as opposed to Mystery Stamping) next week!



Here's the card from Nadine--using Countryside Corners bundle. (ps the stamp images are ALL ONE STAMP, much to our surprise. The [retired] Stamparatus would be very helpful.):


Countryside Corners bundle, design by Nadine Stolt, www.dazzledbystamping.com



Products used:



As I mentioned I brought one more project....


Rachel had shared a video over a month ago on Facebook of a painting project; Nadine commented, "Are we painting these at your house??????" So I bought the stuff and surprised them!


Here's the work in progress:


Painting projects, 5/6/2023


Painting projects, 5/6/2023


Our finished projects:

Steph, Rachel Markin, Nadine Stolt, 5/6/2023


You may be surprised I didn't choose purple, but I wasn't sure how much paint we needed for the project. So I chose 2 light/dark colors in 3 different color schemes and let them choose first. [It probably could have been 1 dark color each besides the white, but I'm one that plans TOO MUCH food for an event cuz I'd rather have too much than not enough. ;) ]We really probably could have shared 1 set, as there was plenty of paint. But it was nice to just have your own bottle(s) next to you to add color as needed. We just kept the whites and greens in the center until needed. I had sheets of acetate (that comes in the photopolymer stamps) for each of us and bought some extra items (besides canvas and paint) at the dollar store.


I can't believe we fit it all in!!! We had such a wonderful time together and only left for home 15 min later than I had in mind.




In case you're interested in giving this a try yourself, here's the video Rachel originally shared. We referred to it a few times:




We're all looking forward to more time together, but for now, our hearts are full!!


Have a fantastic weekend!!!



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