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"Grandma Rolls"


Hey there--


Yesterday on my blog, I told you about Grandma Rolls.

They were fabulous!!


So I thought I'd share a little more....


Grandma was completely deaf.

So Mom and Dad always had sturdy note cards out for us to write to her, so we could have conversations with her more easily.


So my recipe for Grandma Rolls is on the back of a conversation I was having with her.


She was asking how my brother was doing in school.

I always say I'll never throw that card away.

She was a very special grandma.


So here's the card:

Grandma Rolls pic


And here's a more legible recipe :)


Grandma Rolls pic2


Click to view/print Grandma Rolls



Have a happy Saturday!!


Let me know how your rolls turn out if you make them!


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