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Joyful Flurry Sharing

OnStage Indy--swaps and more!


Hey peeps!!


Sorry for my absence!

I have so many things to share with you, and I had to put my blogging on the back burner!



First, I have 2 lists for you...the Last Chance List and Carryover List from the current Mini Catalog:

Everything on the Last Chance List is available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST--and some items are already gone, so make sure you get your favorites right away! 

Click to order with my host code!




Second, I have a bunch of swaps from OnStage to show you! I just hope I grabbed the right names for them....


I only swapped with our Shoebox Swap I organized, but half the people we had signed up I hadn't met before!


It was fun to meet a bunch of new people!!



Before I share my swaps, I have to share news and a sweet gift from my friend Julia (BackStage roomie and co-demo council).



Julia brought me this gift, because "[I] was special"--because I was ranked #145 in Leadership in the US out of over $40,000 Demonstrators.


She's so sweet!

And it makes me both proud and humbled at the same time. :)



Ok, Shoebox Swaps to follow! Somehow I'm missing one, but I'm not sure which newbie's I have or don't have. I got mixed up at the end, so one of my swaps may be mislabeled. :/


Shoebox Swap by Cyndi Pratt,


Shoebox Swap by Christi Waite,


Shoebox Swap by Inez Oberg,


Shoebox Swap by Sherry Moore,


Shoebox Swap by Judy Cole,


Shoebox Swap by Donna Knoll,


Shoebox Swap by Peggy Good,


Shoebox Swap by Jamie Sales,


Shoebox Swap by Karen Wipperman,


Shoebox Swap by Catherine Popowich,


Shoebox Swap by Bev Mamayek,


Shoebox Swap by Nancy Olson,


Shoebox Swap by Kristy Hicks,


Shoebox Swap by Nadine Stolt,


Shoebox Swap by Arlene Dassance,


Shoebox Swap by Georgianne Everhart,


Shoebox Swap by Bonnie Bonacci,


Shoebox Swap by Tracie Thomes,


Shoebox Swap by Jennifer Whittle,


Shoebox Swap by Dorothy Curry,


Shoebox Swap by Anna Sytsma,



Quick heads up: I will NOT be Live! today, so I'll see you again next week


Have an awesome day and a wonderful thanksgiving!!



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Thanks so much Marlene!!

Marlene VanderZouwen

WOW!!! Ranking #145, that's a HUGE accomplishment! Congratulations! Very proud of you!

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