Cow Cuddling???
LOTS of Christmas Cards!

My Stampers Club wants YOU!


Happy Monday, peeps!!!


How has YOUR day been???


I spent my morning checking out spaces for my Annual Hostess Appreciation Party!!

(All the phone calls were last week.)



And I'm getting close!

You WILL wanna be there!

It's the BEST party of the year!


LOVE to spoil


Do you know how you qualify?

  • Be my hostess (even an online book party--as long as sales were at least $150/you earned host rewards)
  • Be in one of my Stampers Clubs
  • Be on my Dazzling Demos Team (yes, I include my team as well)


You have through 12/31/21 to qualify! (Save the Date info will go out before that, though.)




Speaking of Stampers Clubs...


I have a spot to fill in one of my clubs!

We meet the 1st Tuesday of even months.

(So the next one is Tuesday, 12/7.)



  • Commit to ordering a minimum of $25 each time we meet (every other month)--even if you can't be here. (We'll meet a minimum of 6 times--or however many members there are.)
  • Get to potentially meet new friends!
  • Get a fun girls night out with us!
  • Get to make a couple projects at my home each time.
  • Get to earn host rewards 1 of the times (and bring a snack that night.)
  • Get invited to my Annual Hostess Appreciation Party.
  • CAN invite friends to club; the first time they come is free. Every time after that, they need to order just like you.
  • CAN get outside orders to increase your workshop total/host rewards.



  • Have to clean your house for this party--even when you're hostess!
  • HAVE to worry about getting people to order, because host rewards are guaranteed with our group.



Please let me know ASAP if you're interested in joining our group!


If you're quick enough, I'll have your name in the random drawing; otherwise, you'll be our last month.




My Live! Closeup...


I finally caught some sunshine so I could take a pic of my sample from my Live! last week!


(I know this wasn't the first sunny moment, but it was the first one I caught!)


Love of Leaves,



Here's what you need:

Click any product pic to order!




Have a spectacular rest of your day!!



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