I've been messing up for weeks!!!
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Live, Live, Live!


Hey girl!

I was watching DDD on Food Network one time and the chef that Guy was interviewing was talking about a particular dish....


He said when you bite into it, it says, "Hey girl!" [in a twangy voice]


Cracked me up every time!



Ok--I have a few key things I wanna share with you today!!

So I'm separating subjects below....





If you sign up as a Demonstrator now, YOU can, too!!

(You actually could pick it as part of your Starter Kit!)

Stampin Cut & Emboss

Otherwise, you can order September 1.

(We still have no availability date on the mini.)



The new Mini Catalog is LIVE, too!!

Order away!


I have a new capability...

HERE IS A LINK. It will take you right to my store and already has my August Host Code applied!!



If you prefer to go "old school", here's the host code: WACTDY32

Click here to SHOP


Place a $50 online order with my host code and you'll get the Elegant Faceted Gems from me! (ships separately, after I receive my month end order.)



Sooooooo, have you looked over the Mini Catalog?

Is your wish list as big as mine??

It's an awesome catalog!


Was the Love of Leaves bundle on your radar AT ALL???

I received 2 swaps yesterday that caught my eye.


I had to look at them again this morning--mind you...AFTER I'd already placed my order for my new Stampin' Cut & Emboss Machine!




Love of Leaves bundle, swap created by Cindy Ewertz, www.dazzledbystamping.com


Love of Leaves bundle, swap created by Laura Barto, www.dazzledbystamping.com

Look at the background stitching!

And look--you can diecut the leaves and stitch the leaves!

And you can stitch the leaves without diecutting them!! 


Aaaahhhh!!! I love stitching!!!!

And I never saw it.

Better put it on YOUR wish list!


ps: If you didn't click on the link to the bundle, go do it now. You can check out the new online store, too!



Ok, I have one last wonderful thing to bring to your attention....


One of the features of the new online store is a FEEDBACK BUTTON (Bermuda Bay in color) that's always at the right side of your page (could be down a ways, depending on how much is populated on your page.)


I used it today, and it's amazing!


So I told you I placed a second order; I decided to use my own host code, rather than going thru another Demo Order.


I saved my payment method in my account setting; I typically use a Discover for my business.


When I paid for my order, my payment method popped up perfectly.


But the thumbnail showed it being a Visa card. (small glitch; the card still came up correctly and charged correctly)


But I remembered I could give feedback right then and there.

  • I clicked "feedback."
  • Then I clicked that I wanted to give SPECIFIC feedback, rather than general.
  • Then I had the option to click any spot on the screen.
  • I think I had to click if it was a suggestion, compliment or technical issue.
  • There was an option to click a face--indicating awesome to awful.
  • Then I had a text box open to describe exactly what the problem was.


I'm telling you all this to give you a heads up to USE THIS FUNCTION if you have a need as well!


In the moment, it tells the IT department exactly where the problem lies and what kind of device and browser you're using, etc.


I'm sure it will be a very useful tool for IT, and it saved me time calling or composing a whole email, etc, too!


ps: if you STILL didn't click on the bundle link, do it NOW! You can check out the store, update your account settings if you want AND give feedback--or at least recognize the option.




I just realized I still haven't told you about my August classes** I scheduled for this month. I need to do a little work on that, and I'll make another blogpost. In the meantime, you can still check them out now. 



**I did NOT say this in each individual event, but class size WILL BE LIMITED to probably 6 people for safer spacing.



Have such a magnificent rest of your day!!




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