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Dazzling Demos Cookout!!


It was just a fun night!


And I think this is going to be a new tradition!


Todd & I invited my team over for a cookout/potluck with their spouses.


You know how awesome Todd's Apple Betty at Hostess Appreciation is???


Well his burgers are just as fabulous!!

AND I made bacon jam for them.



Well, none of my team with spouses came!

But Todd didn't mind and hung with just us girls anyway.




I'm happy I remembered to take SOME pics.

But I forgot to do it when Todd was involved.

(We've been having to go help his dad 3 times a day for the past couple weeks, so he left for a bit.)


Of course all the food with delicious!

(But I didn't think of taking those pics.)


But the most fun of the night was we actually played Cornhole!


None of us are very athletically inclined, but everyone did great!!

And EVERYONE got "ringers."


Todd started out on a team and played a round before he left; he played LEFT-handed to make it fair. ;)


Todd/Diane vs Nadine/Arlene



The next team was up to play the winner with a sub.

Nadine/Marilyn vs Linda/Steph









THEN the winners played the winners.

Linda/Steph vs Nadine/Arlene


Linda and I won, but Nadine gets an honorable mention...playing in every game. :)


We decided we needed a winning treat.



Linda posed for me. ;)




(Girls, if you can believe it, this pic is one of them with the flash. The one at the beginning is not. Go figure!)



We chatted about family and stamping and the new Holiday Catalog, of course, AND ONSTAGE IN LANSING IN NOVEMBER!!!


But I have to tell you my favorite moment of the night....


One of the girls playing the first game (that I didn't get pics of) mentioned, "I'm gonna throw my back out!"


So I started worrying about a couple of them that the game wasn't a good idea on my part.


Then Diane threw a "ringer" (went in the hole for 3 points, rather than just on the board for 1.)


And she literally did a quick little celebration jump!!

It was too cute!!




I love times like this and others we get to spend together.


And I want YOU on my team!


If you sign up now, you'll be able to register for OnStage in Lansing with us!! (Registration starts August 20 for OnStage, November 16.)




Stampin' Up! has a promotion going through the end of this month to encourage you to join us!




Right now you can sign up to be a demonstrator for $99, and you receive $155 of product (completely your choice--including from the Holiday Catalog if you'd like.)


That's an extra $30 more than normal.

You also receive catalogs and business supplies, in case you'd like to start a business!


Shipping is included, by the way! Only tax is charged.


PLUS, you'll receive a $10 coupon (by email) towards an order the month after you sign up!


There is NO obligation to have classes, but as a demonstrator, you SAVE AT LEAST 20% on all your purchases!



Let me know if you'd like more information!

Or you can check out my Dazzling Demos Page.







Remember, if you can fall in love with a project, you can learn to create it! Here to help you channel your inner Creative Genius...




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