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Cutting Blades--TODAY 10am (MT)


Just a reminder for those of you who'd like to get cutting blades (#126995) for your Stampin' Trimmer...


TODAY is the last shipment that will be available!


You will need to order them online.

Be ready at 10am (MT) or noon Eastern!!

They WILL sell out quickly.

Last time they were all gone in under 15 min.


If you want some and didn't read my blogpost about it last week, CLICK HERE NOW.


I gave important suggestions for how you can succeed in actually getting your hands on some blades.


Here's another link to the item--BUT IT WILL NOT WORK until noon (ET).


Stampin' Trimmer Cutting Blades
Stampin' Trimmer Cutting Blades



Good luck ordering your blades!!


I'm excited to get my hands on a new cutter by the end of the year!

I tried out a prototype on the cruise, and it was pretty cool!


I'm not sure how soon after they will be available to non-Demonstrators, too.



Have an awesome day!






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