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One of my firsts....


I've been doing some cleaning in my stamp area and desk.


Oh!! It's needed it SO MUCH for SO LONG!!!



I came across an envelope sent to us by the couple Todd & I went to for pre-marital counseling.


She was cleaning out her house and probably downsizing and she sent us back lots of pics and cards and letters I wrote them over the years.



This was included:

One of my first


It was our baby announcement for Liz--and probably one of the first ever cards I made.


I STARTED stamping with my sister Teresa.

And we--with my other 2 sisters--worked on big projects like this together. :)


Oh--here's Liz's newborn pic, too. 

Liz newborn, 1 day old



While I'm at it, I'll show you Tyler's; his cracks me up.

(But I wasn't stamping yet for his announcement.)


Tyler newborn, 1 day old



Just thought you'd enjoy seeing one of my first works. ;)

And my babies.



Have an awesome day!




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Steph / Dazzled By Stamping

Haha. Thanks Daphne!



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