Urgent need for prayer!
The struggle is real!

Update on Dave, 3/11 pm


In his brother’s words:


**********David Amerson Missing Update********             

How do you explain the mixture of hopefulness and hopelessness you feel when your best friend and brother is missing? You hear about these things and it's always someone else, until it isn't.

Everyone has been asking for an update so I will do my best.

Let me start by saying that David is loved. We had more than 100 volunteers show up who covered hundreds of acres while searching for our brother. Weller Truck Parts guys, you showed up for your coworker in a way we never imagined. Grand Rapids Baptist Church, what can we say but wow! My brother's church family also came out in a big way. Family, friends, and even strangers came in to search. The lines of cars and trucks stretching so far was an expression of how much our family is loved by you all.

The notes of encouragement haven't all been read yet but I will go back and try to respond to every one when I can.

David is still missing. They have called in for a bloodhound that should arrive in the next 15 minutes. The search from everyone else has proved to be fruitless. My parents are staying at his place another night hoping that somehow he turns up. Suicide does not seem to be much of a possibility but voluntary leaving also seems a dead end. He left jacket, cash, cars, etc. So, what about involuntary? This seems the most likely idea and we are hoping for a lead from anyone that will pan out. We appreciate your prayers and I will update with any changes. Love from Dustin and the family!


From Steph:

Thank you to all of you who reached out to me in prayer and support. We can take comfort in knowing the Lord is in control of all things.


Before the search, Dustin put Dave in perspective for those that didn’t know him. He doesn’t drink, do drugs, gamble. Never missed an appointment—was always late, but never missed. ;) His family is his life. Would spend 3 days a week with [brother] n his family. So this is so very uncharacteristic of him and why the police were “all in” so quickly. Dustin continues to say how amazing the Allegan police have been. Very thankful for that.


Police say he probably left in a vehicle—willingly or not. Todd says getting him in it would be easy; just had to say they needed help. But then what??? And why??? Dunno. But the Lord does.


Thank you in advance for continued prayers!




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Steph / Dazzled by Stamping

Thanks Marcia.

Marcia Hill

Many prayers continuing to go out for Dave and all his family and friends. Hopefully answers will be coming soon!

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