Tutti-Fruitti Love!
More Tutti-Frutti!!

To warm your heart on a snowy day...




I'm NOT a "snow person."

But there are SOME good things about snow.

Mostly just beauty when I'm NOT OUT in it. ;)



Remember my Ornament Exchange in December?


I had someone signed up to come and then she missed it.


She had her ornament all ready, so I told her I'd swap one with her, too, the next time I saw her.



Funny: we had similar inspiration....



2017 Ornament Exchange, made by Cindy Booth, www.dazzledbystamping.com



2017 Ornament Exchange  made by Stephanie Flath  www.dazzledbystamping




I thought today was the perfect day to share.


You're welcome! ;)



Have a wonderful weekend! 

Stay safe!




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Steph / Dazzled by Stamping

So sweet, Marcia. Glad you’re enjoying it!

Marcia Hill

I still have yours hanging up Steph even though the rest of the decorations are put away...I LOVE snowmen!! :0)

Steph / Dazzled by Stamping

Thanks Daphne!


Both are so sweet...and perfect for today!! Thank you for sharing, Steph!

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