More Tutti-Frutti!!
Can you believe it???

Flashback to November...


Yep, that's right.


Before the snow...

Before Christmas...

Even before Thanksgiving....



I have some cards I never shared with you that need to be shared.


They are some birthday cards I received!


I was specifically told NOT to share one of them on my blog, but the statute of limitations has definitely run out on that request. ;)



Here they are:

created by Judi Siegers,


created by Janine Woodhull,


created by Marcia Hill,


created by Joy Gentit,



This next one is a "never-ending card".

I've never made one, but it was sure fun to open!

You keep opening and find a new design each time; the last one takes you back to the first one. :)

Never-ending Card from Jamie Rose, Envelope from Jamie Rose,



Have a wonderful day!

Hope you find some time to stamp--AND send a card to someone! :)




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