Dave update, 3/12 pm
Even MORE SAB items!!

In Memory of Dave


His brother Dustin posted this on Facebook tonight:


There may be a time when you feel so sad you think you'll never be happy again - Tell someone who loves you.

There may be a time when the fear is so great you think there's no escape - Tell someone who loves you.

There may be a time when all hope is gone and you feel as though you can't go on - Tell someone who loves you.

There may be a time when the sadness is so great you think you may never smile again - Tell someone who loves you.

There may be a time when the loneliness crashes in and you feel overwhelmed - Tell someone who loves you.


David was loved. They came for him.
His family gathered en masse - for David
His coworkers came out in droves - for David
His friends combed the fields - for David
20 nieces and nephews weep - for David
8 brothers and sisters are broken - for David
A mother and father's hearts are left with a hole - for David


If you are thinking of ending your own life, please understand how many people love you - would do anything for you.

Please, just tell someone you know who loves you. I promise we won't joke or laugh about it. We won't turn away from you. We won't think less of you. We will wrap our arms around you and help you understand just how much you matter. I'd remind you that Jesus loved you enough to die for you.


David Amerson "Son," "Brother," "Uncle Beloved," "Friend" - It isn't the dates that matter, it's how you spent the dash in between. I'm sorry you couldn't see just how big your dash was. May 30, 1981 - March 9, 2018


It's only been three days but I miss him already - Brother Dustin

Dave surrounded by 18 of his 20 nieces and nephews


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