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My Amazing Stampers Clubs


First of all, I FINALLY got my Hostess Appreciation Invites in the mail yesterday!

So sorry for the delay!!



Club members or anyone with a qualifying [$150 or more] order or party with me last year is invited.



Most of you should probably receive them tomorrow.

Once the rest of them have most likely been delivered, I will share on my blog.



OK. Second--Stampers Club talk.


I had a couple groups restart this week.


My hostess from last night always brings party favors. Isn't it adorable???

created by Cheryl Ondarko & Abby Rogers, www.dazzledbystamping.com




My club earlier in the week was revamped with half of whom I lovingly refer to as my "newbies".


Several people weren't able to rejoin this round for various reasons.

And I had new people LOOKING for a club!


The Lord worked it out perfectly!

Some of them realized they already kinda knew each other!

It was a fun night. :)



I honestly wasn't TOO worried before finding that out, though, because I've been blessed with amazing customers who have become friends of mine--and each other.


And papercrafting just kinda brings everyone together. ♥ :) 



If YOU want to be part of an amazing group of crafting friends, I have another club restarting February 27.

We need at least one more person.

  • We meet the 4th Tuesday of every other month, 7pm, my home (even months.)
  • You commit to ordering at least $25 of product each time, and you get to earn hostess benefits one of those times.




Contact me soon so we can draw names for the rest of the hostesses for this round!

(We only have the first one planned.)


If you just have questions for now, that's fine, too!




Btw, I added a couple classes to my calendar. I'll talk about them tomorrow.

(Yes, on Saturday. I figured I owe you since I've been a bit lacking in posts lately!)




Have a fabulous weekend!!!







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