From my retirement
It ALL Starts TODAY!!

A Color Girl after my own heart...



Happy New Year!!!



Thank you so much to all my wonderful customers and Dazzling Demos Team for your support in a wonderful year!


You're amazing! And I appreciate all of you!!



We are on our way to pick up Liz right now! Yay!


She sent me a perfect pic I asked for months ago!

She's been doing some acrylic painting since she's been down at school.


When we moved her back down to school in August, I was just obsessed with her collection but never thought to take a pic!




Aaaaahhhh!!!!! I LOVE COLOR!!!!

And clearly--so does she!

Like how awesome is that collection???



Ok, before I go, here's the card she colored with my Stampin' Blends when she was home at Thanksgiving. :)


Floral Statements, created by Liz Flath,


I just gave it a simple card base.



Here's all we used: 



Have a wonderful New Year!




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