No really, thank YOU!
My first shot!

Daisy Delight bundle meets tye-die!!


CLEARLY I have an addictive personality....

Cuz I just can't get the Daisy bundle outta my mind!!

Every time I'm stamping, my mind goes there! :D


Here's another sample I showed for my Techniques Class:


  Daisy Delight bundle,


This is another using the tye-die (coffee filter) technique.


I used this technique again last night with my downline, and I bought new baby wipes.

They worked much better--as in didn't leave fuzzys all over my ink pads this time.

Because they were wetter, the coffee filter definitely needed extra dry time with the heat tool after all the inking.



This is one of those techniques that "everyone's looks a little different." :)

Gotta love it.



Here's what's needed besides the baby wipes (and gluestick):

Click on any of the pics to order....




Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!







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