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Double Take,




THIS is why I want to surprise Todd with the trip.

(Not that I don't wanna go, but this my heart.)



We had a great weekend that included my On Stage Minneapolis gathering.


Todd spent all day Saturday by himself. But he's ok with that; he's an only child and needs alone time sometimes.



He was very supportive and encouraging. I originally wasn’t gonna go because of money, and then he talked me into it and said we could make a weekend of it. I was looking thru my notes and at my catalog on the drive home, so I was really excited and sharing more stuff. (Can't wait to share stuff with YOU!) Then he made me cry cuz he said he loved seeing me sort of “in my element” and excited about MY stuff. He said “it’s like [your] softball. When you come to my games, you’re all in and I love that! But this is yours, and this is you at your best, and I love seeing that."


Can you tell I’m crying again? I love him.


THIS is why I really wanna earn the trip.



Ok, enough of the sappy stuff.


I showed you one of my swap versions way at the top.

Here's the other:

Double Take,




Product List



Ok, I have to move on with my day!



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Thanks for stopping by!

I'll share more about On Stage tomorrow! :D


Have an amazing day!!







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