The deals just keep comin!!!


It's another amazing month of deals!!


I'll share in a sec, but first I have to share a fun event!


We had Shannon West, our Demonstrator Development Manager from SU! visit us last night for a simple Meet & Greet.


I went to a dinner beforehand with other leaders in the area; somewhere there will be pics of that, but I don't have them yet.


It was a simple, fun night to get to know Shannon and other demos in the area!


Here's Shannon and all of my team that could make it:

Arlene, Diane, Nadine, Shannon and Steph at the Grand Rapids Meet & Greet with Shannon WestArlene, Diane, Nadine, Shannon, me


I had to share a story with Shannon, because SHE'S the one that made the adorable chick card at OnStage (with the honeycomb embellishment belly?) and showed us her technique of how you could mail it?


You know--the one I copied at a Hostess Appreciation Party a few years ago?


She enjoyed hearing my story--but I didn't have her laughing/crying for 10 minutes like she had me when she did it! ;)


When Todd heard who our DDM was/who we were meeting with (the chick story), he said, "oh SHE'LL be fun." 



I have a sample pics from there, too, but I'll share those later.




BONUS DAYS header pic.0818

Do you remember these?

Spend $50 in August (before shipping/tax), get a $5 coupon code to use in September!


  • SAVE YOUR CODES!!! They can't be reissued, and they will arrive in a SINGLE email per order.
  • "Whether you have 1 code or 7, they will look like this":
  • BONUS DAYS email screenshot
  • Especially considering many of you will use them in your clubs, anyway...if you'd like to forward me the email, I will keep track of them for you; you can always redeem them on your own, but I'll have them if I need for your club order. (You can use this "service" even if you're not in a club, but just want them safe.)
  • You can earn August 1-31; you can only redeem September 1-30.
  • You can redeem online or through me.
  • There are NO LIMITS to the number of codes you can earn at one time OR redeem at one time! Your order total just has to be more than the total value of the codes being used.
  • All standard minimum shipping applies online.



SECOND DEAL--exclusive product bundle:

COLOR YOUR SEASON header pic.0818

Get in the mood to create something full of colors and seasons! Introducing the all-new, limited-time Color Your Season products:

  • Blended Seasons Stamp Set, an exclusive 10-piece wood- or clear-mount stamp set with images for every season (also available in French)!
  • Stitched Season Framelits Dies, a coordinating stitched die that includes stitching on both the positive and negative images!
  • (wood bundle / clear bundle)
  • Watercolor Pencils in 10 new colors! Note: These Watercolor Pencils may be available in a future publication.
  • Please note: The bundle includes the stamp set and dies only. It does not include the Watercolor Pencils.








THIRD DEAL--still going on...only through August 10:

click here to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin!


Get half off your first month of Paper Pumpkin if you've never been a subscriber before!


Here's the video for the adorable July kit:






  • Fun kits are delivered right to your mailbox!! All you need is your favorite adhesive and possibly scissors.
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Ok, that's all I can find/remember at the moment!!



Of course, if you have any questions, let me know!





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Just a Simple Thank You!


Happy Friday peeps!!!



I always go for simple thank yous each month.


This month I just HAD to use the Blended Seasons bundle. :D


  Blended Seasons bundle,


I added a little Wink of Stella on the stitching edge, but it's really hard to see. :/


Blended Seasons bundle,





Product List:

Big Shot





Have a wonderful weekend!




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Blended Seasons Rhino!


I promised you I'd show you our projects from my Mommy & Me Class last week.



We had so much fun making this treat!!!!


Animal Outing, Stitched Seasons Thinlits (from the Blended Seasons bundle),


I adore these thinlits--this is the medium size from Stitched Seasons Framelits (part of the Blended Seasons bundle.)


And they work perfectly with our 2" x 8" Cello Bags.....

as you can see! ;)



I added the Animal Expedition DSP, too.


All you need are 1" x 3" pieces of DSP to wrap these Hershey Nuggets--with a little Tear & Tape Adhesive on one end to secure it.



Psst: my hostesses get this from me this month. :D



To color my adorable Rhino, I only used the Light Smoky Slate Stampin' Blend and added the Color Lifter here and there, to add some light to him.



Plus, I used the white Watercolor Pencil from the original set to make the horn stand out.



Oh--and I cut the cello bags down to 5 1/2" long.

Just use your Stampin' Trimmer!

(Line up the CLOSED end on the 5 1/2" line and cut the open end.)



Here's all you need for these babies:


Big Shot
Blender Pens




Order this Blended Seasons bundle TODAY while you still can!!


It's available exclusively in August, while supplies last.


Shop online 24/7!



I have a FREE class for you when you do!

We're making 5 different cards with this bundle.


Sign up here:    Thursday, 8/30, 10am

                                Thursday, 8/30, 7pm





Have a wonderful day!!




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I just MISS you


I've been focusing on our Blended Seasons bundle this month.


When I saw the "I JUST MISS you", I instantly thought of the Twinkle Twinkle DSP:


Blended Seasons bundle,


Just makes me think of a starry night thinking about the people I miss. :)


This is another card we'll make at my FREE Class using this bundle.



Here are the details for this card:




The versatility of this bundle (all the seasons--including a wedding option!) make it a must have!!


But the FONT and the double stitched thinlits are what really HOOKED me!! ;)

Blended Seasons bundle,



Have an amazing STAMPY day! ;)




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M&M Sharing...


Nope. Not candy.


That's how I lovingly refer to my Mommy & Me Class and attendees. :D



I had a fun morning this week with Mom, Alexa and kids, Maddox & Alaina.


I always try to remember to take pics at my M&M classes.

(Not sure why I don't ever remember at OTHER classes!)


The kids are always so proud!

I love it!


So here's the series of pics I took....


This MAY be the perfectly stereotypical "photo shoot" of moms with kids! ;)


It still makes me smile!



Mommy & Me Class with Maddox, Alexa & Alaina,

Mommy & Me Class with Maddox, Alexa & Alaina,

Mommy & Me Class with Maddox, Alexa & Alaina,

Mommy & Me Class with Maddox, Alexa & Alaina,


I'll share the projects themselves another time.




Have a wonderful day AND WEEKEND!!




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Out of the hundreds and hundreds of swaps everyone made and Stampin' Up! displayed on the boards, there was ONE Todd & I BOTH singled out as our favorite!


Before I share it, I have to tell you Todd's perspective:


"Man, I would hate to have to pick a favorite out of THIS many for our Hostess Appreciation Party Card Contest!!"


It was pretty overwhelming to see SO MANY gorgeous swaps!


Ok, so here was our favorite from the boards:

A Little Wild, En Route, Rooted in Nature, Lined Alphabet, 2018 Alaskan Cruise swap created by Tanja Kolar,


I LOVE IT!!!!!


This swap was from Tanja Kolar from Germany!


So we checked out all the swap boards, and then Todd & I had to separate.


I was sending my swaps with him to the room, so I wanted to look at MINE first.

(I got 25 out of hundreds of them.)




I don't remember if I shared this already last week, but I literally squealed when I saw it!


Everyone near me had to come look.

Haha! I was so excited!!


Ok, so here are the stamps I KNOW Tanja used on her swap:


A Little Wild Clear-Mount Bundle
A Little Wild Clear-Mount Bundle



I love swaps.

Except they make me want more stuff. :D

I know you know the feeling. ;)




Tomorrow is the last day to get half off your first month of Paper Pumpkin!


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Have an amazing day!





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A little hello


I just can't get enough of these Mini Milk Cartons!


Mini Milk Cartons, Itty Bitty Greetings,



We made them back in early spring--and at my niece's stamping birthday party.


I just had to make them again for our leadership dinner before the Meet & Greet with our corporate SU! person.



Remember all that candy in Stampers Base Camp on the ship?


I brought a bunch of Hershey Nuggets home. :D



These feature the newest/2018-2020 In Colors DSP Collection & Binder Clips and hold a nugget--but could probably hold 2.


This is the size that also fits 1 Lindt Chocolate Ball.


Here are the instructions/dimensions again:

Mini Milk Carton pic.instructions

Download Mini Milk Carton







I shortened the "little hello" label by punching it out and then tucking one end back into the punch and RE-punching.



Here's all you need to make this version:





Don't forget to sign up for Paper Pumpkin by Friday if you'd like to try it for HALF OFF your first month!


Blooming summer savings.HALF OFF paper pumpkin promo


Click here to subscribe!




Have a fantastic day!





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SUNNY Seattle!


Yep, the mountain was STILL out when we docked back in Seattle after our fabulous cruise!






Before we "leave" the ship, I just want share a little bit about it, as well as pics I grabbed from one of my new friends, Debbie. (Because I never thought to take a pic of the ship once we were on it.)


So I showed you a pic of how enormous it was compared to shorty, Todd standing by it. ;)


But just to let you know more about it--Explorer of the Seas.

It holds over 4,000 passengers!

PLUS there's a crew of over 1,000 people.


And you know what else?

Stampin' Up! was over 1,000 strong on the ship, too!


Next year's ship for the Greek Isles will be different; it only holds over 2,000 passengers.


It's crazy the difference!


So here are ship pics:































We had an early breakfast Friday, said our goodbyes to a few of our friends and were off the ship by 7:15am!


IMG_0522I think this was actually a 1st day pic--outside customs before long but fast-moving lines before getting our Sea Cards for boarding.



Leaving the ship was simple--especially since we didn't have our huge suitcases with us!



Since our flight didn't leave until 2:30pm, we decided to forego the free shuttle to the airport (provided by Stampin' Up!) and check out a bit of Seattle.



We were both really interested in Pike Place Market!


It was somewhat like the Fulton Street Farmers Market--open air, but in an even more established/permanent building.


Plus there were other shops, bakeries, etc covering a few blocks and 6 levvels.


Side note: did you realize Seattle is a lot like the streets of San Francisco in that there are steep hills everywhere???


I did not AT ALL like that--up OR down.



Here's Todd's pic from ground level:



Here's my pic from where we started/were dropped off in the cab:



A lot of the shops were still closed that early in the morning, but it was perfect timing to watch the fish mongers setting up for their day.


Look at this monster seafood!!

IMG_1340king salmon in the forefront








Dad Flath said we were no kids of his if we didn't have one of these!

It was still 7:30am.



We didn't get pics of this, but later in the morning we got to enjoy the "fish monger show".


Have you heard of the fish throwers??

It was fun to watch!


One of the guys in the front of the ice-packed cases grabbed a huge king salmon and threw it to one of the guys behind the counter of filleted fish behind the iced case!



Another thing we enjoyed was this ugly guy:


As I said, we watched them set up.

It meant nothing to us at the time, but this monk fish was hooked up to a chain.


I thought that's how they sold it.


When we got back here after looking around at other vendors, there was a lot more ice and fish in the case.  And the chain was covered.



Well, the fish guys would wait for a little kid to walk up to check it out, and they'd start pulling the chain to make the fish move!


Of course the kid would jump! Haha!


One lady said to me, that fish is still alive!!

I told her the secret and she felt a little better. 


So we had to check out one of the decks facing the water:



And the bakeries:


 Have you seen these donuts?

They're GINORMOUS!!!


IMG_1352And these cookies!!

That's a full size plate!


It all smelled SO GOOD!!!

So we were both very wise--and very foolish.

But honestly, we just weren't thinking....


I mentioned we ate breakfast right before we got off the ship and were stuffed!



Here's breakfast!!!



So much good food to try!!

What were we thinking?



Oh--the money I wanted to spend on it all!!



We were just peeking in the windows of one of the bakeries.


It had a LONG LINE--honestly unlike any other place we saw!


One of the locals standing there said, "the line is worth it!"



Seriously--it smelled so good!

For some reason, Todd thought THESE looked amazing.



For some reason, I didn't.

Hmmm. Strange.

I love blueberry.

And cream cheese frosting.

Not sure what my deal was.


But I think we saved a lot of money! ;)


So here's pic we had to get:



Haha. Love it!

Even one of his softball team mates calls him that.



Oh--another thing NOT pictured here....


You would have thought we had enough flowers the day before!


We DID, IN FACT, SAY, "we're done with flowers!!"



But oh my goodness, there were amazing flower vendors in the market!


I saw at least one sign that said people weren't allowed to take pics of the flowers.


They wanted to sell them--not have them featured in selfies.



The vendors were making the bouquets--from flowers from their own farms--while we walked through. 



These bouquets were spectacular!!

And marked $10 or $15 or $20.

They EASILY would have been double to triple that in the store!!


A lot of the ones that attracted my attention had lilies like I had in my post yesterday.





There were so many gorgeous arrangements!


But it was kinda funny--one in particular stood out to both Todd and I.


We both thought it looked like a bride's bouquet.

Mostly whites with just a hint of some pale lavender in it.


It was absolutely stunning!!


We really wanted to bring one home!

It was an amazing deal!

But we wouldn't be home for many hours yet.

It would have been annoying to carry around.

AND we probably would have broken them by the time we got home.


Having said that--I saw 2 people on the flight to Chicago with a bouquet.


And I saw one that made it all the way to Grand Rapids!




So we only spent a few hours in Seattle before we were just ready to be done.


I had done my homework and found out a cab ride to the airport could have cost us around $50.


But Seattle had a railway that goes there, too.


We walked a few blocks (after finding one that was more on street level/more gradual of an incline, rather than the steep horrible San Francisco like roads.)


And we got on the railway to the airport for $6 total.


Yay me!!



Our flights were delayed here and there, but it didn't cause problems with connections.



So I'm sorry to say, there were no pillow gifts that night! :(


But I DID get to sleep on my OWN pillow!



One last pic, which I can't honestly tell you if it's sunrise or sunset, but our friend Jim took this a few days after we were all back home.








Thank you for letting me share my travels with you.



Enjoy your day!

And stay cool!








Remember, if you can fall in love with a project, you can learn to create it! Here to help you channel your inner Creative Genius...




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Day 7--Flowers Galore!!


It's the last day at sea and our last port of call!

We stopped in Beautiful Victoria, BC (Canada)!


Anyone we asked--before our trip or on the ship--said the place we HAD to see was the Butchart Gardens.


Since we didn't book an excursion in advance, we took our time getting off the ship this time, to avoid the crowds--at the elevators and going through security.


I was elevator girl, but you can ask Todd how many flights of stairs he climbed on our trip.


He'd rather wait for ME after taking the stairs than wait for the elevators to take him there.


Nope. Not gonna do it.



So IN VICTORIA, of all places, is where we saw the only moose of the trip!




Haha! I SO wanted to see a moose!!

But this was the best I could do.



We took a taxi into the city and booked a tour to the Butchart Gardens--which also included a stop at the Butterfly Gardens.




We could take our time and pick up another shuttle that stopped regularly.



Before we were even into the butterflies, there was an insect exhibit.


Leaf cutter ants (I didn't even wanna touch the glass case!!)...

Giant Katydid...

Caucasus Rhino Beetle...


I had absolutely NO DESIRE to have bug pics in my phone!



But then I thought of Antonio (one of my nephews) and his brothers and sister.


They would love them!



I have bug pics in my phone. ;)


Here's a couple cool ones.


IMG_7058Giant Katydid


IMG_7057Caucasus Rhino Beetle


But that's it.

No more bug talk.

(I already sent them to the kids, and it turns out the Rhino one is one of Antonio's faves.)



The butterflies were pretty.


However, I feel like they're more of a [gotta see it in person] thing.


BUT--I need to show you the Blue Morpho.


He kept attracting my attention--maybe because he was playing hard to get!


He was good-lookin' and he KNEW it!



This is him at rest--the outside.


And this is him opened up--the inside.

Yes--it's a different "him."


You had to be quick to catch him opened up!


And I JUST learned going through my pics (from a "did you know?" I took in the bathroom--haha!) that his wings "have no blue pigment in them. The iridescent blue colour is due to the way that light refracts off each scale."



Did you catch that Canadian spelling? ;)


AMAZING how different his 2 sides were!



On to the Butchart (flower) Gardens...


It was UNbelievable.



Immaculately manicured.


How did God come up with all these different flowers??

And colors???























Todd & I are PRETTY SURE we DID NOT see everything.


There were always 2 ways to turn.

We'd walk down a huge flight of stairs and never find where we'd have to walk back up them again! (THANK YOU, LORD!!)



All we've seen on this trip of God's creation has blown me away!


Our God is an Awesome God!



But I have to say...after a few hours of exploring these gardens, we were hot, tired, hungry, thirsty and were just plain DONE with flowers! ;)



But we did have one more sight to see before we left:




There were 2 of these little guys--about 6 inches long--just hiding in the flowers.


They were my last item on my wildlife list--whales, bald eagles, porcupine, sockeye salmon, sea lions (did I mention them? They hid from me--never got a pic) and lizards.




We headed back to the ship for a quick, light lunch and a nap--and our last dinner with our cruise family!


We also had to prep our checked bags and have them ready by 10pm that night.


We wouldn't see them again until we landed in GR.


We were very thankful for Port Valet--totally the way to go if you're heading home after your cruise.


I received my last pillow gift fairly early that day, so we could pack it in our checked bags if desired:





It was the Dashing Deer bundle and a scratch off map to keep track of everywhere we've traveled.


Very unique!

The map is probably 3' x 4'.



Our last dinner was as wonderful as always.


I mentioned this early in the week, but Todd tried the escargot our last night!


I couldn't make myself do it.


Parker (grandson of one of the demos) said it tasted just like the bay scallops we'd had early on. But I just couldn't get over the fact that they were black.


Todd said they were OK.

I applaud him for trying them!



Before we left dinner, we said we needed to get a pic of our cruise family.


Bernardo, our head waiter, jumped right to it!

He grabbed another waiter to take pics, and somehow another passenger we didn't know got involved, too.


There were 4 cameras going, and Bernardo was in rare form!


He was hamming it up--and had us all cracking up!!


IMG_2168back: Chuck, Lisa Marie, Steph, Todd, Parker, Carl

front: Shirish, Bernardo, Peter, Cheryl







Chuck & Lisa Marie are from Florida; Peter & Cheryl are from Milwaukee; Carl & Parker live 45 min from Peter & Cheryl.


We were very thankful to have dinner with this group for our first ever cruise.


They helped make it so special and taught us the ropes. ;)



Lisa Marie and Cheryl already earned Greece, too!

Can't wait!



One last event before bed--a late night dessert buffet provided by Stampin' Up!


I forgot to take pics of the welcome reception the first night.

But I took a few pics of the farewell dessert spread.


Shelli Gardner waiting to enter Studio B with the rest of us:

Late Night Dessert BuffetI dropped this pic from Shelli's blog! :D






I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Stampin' Up! knows how to spoil us!


Side note on the spoiling; Todd asked someone from corporate SU!, JUST HOW MUCH STUFF do you guys have to bring on the ship to do all this???...prizes, candy, pillow gifts, decor, displays, equipment. The answer was they loaded about 20 SKIDS of stuff onto the ship! Todd & my dad are both in trucking; they said that's a tractor trailer full!!!



This was an incredible, unforgettable trip!



I AM posting one more day, because before we headed home, we spent a few hours in Seattle (Day 8)--and this post was long enough!



Todd & I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping provide us with this experience of a lifetime!


(And thank you, Stampin' Up! for your amazing generosity!)



We appreciate you!






Remember, if you can fall in love with a project, you can learn to create it! Here to help you channel your inner Creative Genius...




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Swaps Day!


Day 6 was another day at sea!


And Todd was up early as usual. :)

These pics were from the morning heading into our whale watching day (Juneau), but I didn't have his sunrises to post yet.





If I'm honest, the 2nd day in a row at sea was a bit too much.


At some point, you just wanna get off the ship.


So it's a good thing I had a diversion!

I completely forgot it was the day we could pick up our swaps!!!!


And let me just say, Stampers Base Camp was PACKED this morning!!!!!


Those who chose to swap made 26 of the same card; they got BACK 25. Then the extra one from everybody was kept by SU! and displayed in Base Camp.



Plus, we had a Share Fair just for the demos--8 demos from all over the world were chosen to make displays with a suite or bundle of products they were given to play with.


They were set up all over the main dining room for us to check out.


This was a great opportunity, too, to chat with other demos and get ideas for my business.


(Around the display tables was packed, and we kinda needed to take turns for our sanity!)



It still floors me to meet and be around all these elite demonstrators!


They are amazing!!



I'm not sure when or how I'll be sharing the Fair Share stuff.


But it won't be today cuz I have a major amount of swaps to share.



Before I show you ALL THOSE SWAPS, I'm gonna tell you some highlights from the rest of our day.





I loved having breakfast in the main dining room again.


The service is impeccable!

And we get the best of both worlds--ordering from the menu and snacking on the buffet while we're waiting.


And I don't know WHAT brand of orange juice they had, but it made me happy!!


(I just know it wasn't fresh squeezed, cuz you had to pay extra for that. And THIS juice was distributed through the dining room like water!)



Fast AFTER the Share Fair.


I think we may have gone to a magic/illusion show at some point, but that may have been yesterday.


It was good, but mostly just a time filler for me.



After a buffet lunch, Todd was interested in watching/possibly playing in a volleyball tournament.


I told him he needed to GO FOR IT!

This was on one of the topmost decks of the ship--the sport court: used for volleyball, basketball, soccer and ???



Well, in MY words, there were a couple volleyball teams TRAVELING TOGETHER!


Todd ended up on a team of orphans.

He said he felt like was out there 5 minutes and touched the ball once. :/


There were 2 funny things that happened.


First, when Todd's team was getting ready to play, I saw him talking to 2 girls and he motioned to me.


They came out of the court to me, and I said, "so do you need me to hold your stuff?" (phones, sunglasses)


They said, "yah if you don't mind", and one said, "I guess you're the team mom."


It made me chuckle, and I told Todd later and asked if he told them to say that.


He got a kick out of that and said he hadn't!

We found it funny cuz Todd always calls me that!


Whether it was the kids' teams when they were young or Todd's teams now, I'm always cheering for everybody.


I just don't USUALLY bring the snacks for everyone anymore. ;)



The second thing that happened was in the middle of the championship game (of which Todd was NOT a part, if you hadn't figured that out), someone went up to spike the ball.


And rather than slamming it DOWN like you're supposed to do, he hit it high!


It went over the short little court wall, over the taller deck level wall and overboard!


He pretty much had to hit it halfway across the width of the ship to make that happen.


We all yelled and some people went running to look for it, and it was gone!!


So there's a random volleyball in the Pacific.

Todd pictured a Tom Hanks character finding a friend later.

I pictured dolphins playing with it.


Even though the [director/scorekeeper] told everyone if we lost the ball, the game would be over, he pulled out another one and asked [the team who did NOT hit the ball overboard] if they should be allowed to continue.


They agreed to continue with a 5 point lead. :)

It didn't matter; they lost.


It was fun.


We ran into our friends [from Whale Watching] at volleyball and made plans with them to watch a musical show before dinner.




The show was ok; I think Todd enjoyed it more than me. It was somewhat older music.


Some of the performers were really talented!



Day 6 was our 2nd/last formal night.

We didn't go all out.

But we had a wonderful dinner with our cruise family--AND our waiter Bernardo played guitar and serenaded us!!




We were all kinda shocked cuz suddenly he just came out of his shell!


He had been so professional and all about making sure we were taken care of all week, and then we were just like WHO IS THIS GUY???


For his first song (yes, there were 2!!), we all sang along to a John Denver song. I don't remember the name.



When we went back to the room, here's what was waiting for us:




IMG_E7050Making Christmas Bright bundle



Oh--before I move on to stamping stuff, I have another story to tell you:


This happened on our FIRST formal night....

We were walking down the hall to dinner, and I liked someone's dress, I'd tell them.


Well, we came across a [7 year old?] little kid.

He was walking out of one room, kitty corner across the hall to another room--probably another family member's room.


He was looking sharp!

Had on a shirt & tie, vest and dress pants.

I said, "wow! Don't you look handsome!!"

He instantly did a FACEPALM, turned around and walked RIGHT BACK to the room he came from without saying a word!!


Haha!!! I laughed so hard!!!

He was adorable, but he was probably like, "MOM!!! I TOLD you I didn't wanna wear this, and some strange lady just told me how handsome I looked!!!"


Kids crack me up!




SU! Stuff



So the rest of this post is gonna be a whole lot of swaps and samples!


Remember--the quality/lighting won't be the best.

I was trying to be quick--and I'm NOT editing all these.


I'll have MORE swaps next week, cuz I pulled any that I remembered I had in my bag.


I'll take BETTER pics of those.

I was very happy after grabbing my bag (and looking at all the swaps already) to find that I had my absolute favorite swap IN MY BAG!!


I squealed when I saw it, and everyone around had to come look.


I was like "yay me!!"


FYI--I mentioned there were demos from all over the world on this cruise.


Todd loved this info; countries included US, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, New Zeeland (that I can remember.)


So some of my swaps are in French or German. :)















































Some people chose to swap 3-D items instead or in addition to the card swaps:


IMG_6844this was a large platter











One day left on the cruise!

I'll be back tomorrow. :)



Have a great Saturday!






Remember, if you can fall in love with a project, you can learn to create it! Here to help you channel your inner Creative Genius...




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August Freebie/Hostess Code + Class Reminder


I forgot to add my OWN deals on this month!



BONUS DAYS pic.0818_1


#1 When you place a $50 order online in August using hostess code GNM4MQ7W, you'll receive an EXTRA $5 bonus from me.

  • Bonus may be in the form of an additional redeemable bonus code OR a gift certificate from me.
  • Codes or gift certificates will be sent to you shortly after the month ends.
  • Both will only be redeemable September 1-30, 2018.



#2 When you order the Blended Seasons bundle (on any type of order through me), you are invited to a FREE class Thursday, August 30, where we'll make 5 cards with envelopes using the bundle AND the new Watercolor Pencils that are also available!


You may also attend the class for $25; if you choose to order the bundle that night anyway, the class is still free.


I'm having a morning and night class. Click the links for details.


Here's a really simple card we'll be making at the class (also featuring the Petal Promenade DSP):


Blended Seasons bundle, Petal Promenade DSP,


And here's the Blended Seasons info. My FAVORITE features of this bundle are the double stitching (it's on both the cut piece and the negative piece left behind) and the gorgeous font!








Besides the Blended Seasons classes mentioned above...


I have a Mommy & Me Class on Tuesday morning, 8/7, 10-11:30am.

Please sign up with me by tomorrow! :)




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Remember, if you can fall in love with a project, you can learn to create it! Here to help you channel your inner Creative Genius...




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